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eye_C magazine No. 02 AUTUMN/WINTER 19

NT$ 780.00

Quiet yet aware, eye_C purveys the best of both established and blossoming, joining up with many a label to showcase through the lens of wholehearted admiration. With each passing issue — though just a small, dynamic fraction of the industry at large — we’re aiming to go well beyond what rests on the page.

The printed version of eye_C magazine returns for Autumn/Winter ‘19 featuring norbit by Hiroshi Nozawa on the cover. Once again we offer an array of exclusive editorials and product highlights in a simple and straightforward way from both established and more up and coming labels ranging from WACKO MARIA, Mountain Research and doublet to Comfy Outdoor Garment, FACCIES and superNova. just to name a few.


一般宅配 Taiwan / 新竹貨運

國外寄送 Overseas / EMS
(除Mystery Ranch、Nanga)